Busy Bears (preschool)

Busy Bears is a mixed-age preschool classroom that gives your child the knowledge and tools needed to prepare for school. The foundation for school readiness is provided through hands-on learning experiences, group times, independent play, and teacher-directed activities. Learning how to share, take turns, raise hands, listen, and walk in line are just as important to school readiness as ABCs and 123s. The teachers challenge your child to learn by asking questions—and learn how to investigate to find his or her own answers.

Preschoolers are becoming independent. They are learning to take care of their personal bathroom needs, putting on their own clothes, cleaning up after themselves, and becoming great verbal communicators.

The classroom contains a peace table, a place your child can ask to take a classmate to resolve a conflict using “I” language while expressing feelings. Your child can then learn to listen while a classmate expresses his/her feelings. This is an important skill for school and life.

Dear Busy Bear families,
Welcome to our cozy den! We have lots of fun every day. The Busy Bear teachers respect your child as an individual and assess needs to help him or her succeed.
Your child is building friendships. We read Bible stories and character stories each day to instill the values of kindness, patience, and forgiveness.
During small group time we have a more focused lesson. We work on language/literacy, number/mathematical, science, and social studies. The activities are hands-on and open ended. Teachers make sure that your child is engaged and challenged—and we always keep children’s different learning styles in mind.
We’re having so much fun we hardly even notice how much we’re learning!
The Busy Bears Team