Leap Frogs (Toddlers)

17 months- 33 months


Your child is now walking and learning to talk! The Leap Frog classroom is an active room where your child has the opportunity to participate in group time learning about exciting themes, listening to and looking at books, playing music, and exploring movement. Gross motor skills are growing stronger as your child spends time walking, running, biking, and climbing. Fine motor skills are developed through projects with markers, toddler scissors, glue, and paint.

MetroKids knows that children at this age change rapidly, so the Leap Frog class has two sections—the Tadpoles for younger toddlers (16-24 months) and the Froglets for older children (2 years-33 months).

Teachers focus on skills that help guide your child toward preschool readiness. Each day your child learns how to share, play, and communicate with teachers and classmates. Leap Frogs transition to preschool (Busy Bears and Rockin’ Robins) when they are 33 months.


Littles (17 months-33 months)


Dear Leap Frog families,
We are having fun! Each week we explore a theme, and all of our learning activities are centered on that theme. For example, one week our theme came from the Dr. Seuss book, The Foot Book. In our classroom we learned about the feet of different animals. We read a book related to feet or animal tracks each day during our reading time. We also had coloring pages to enhance our learning of the book. We worked on the concept of left and right.
Each day is a joy working with this age group because these children go through so many changes and pick up new skills so quickly. As a Tadpole parent, expect emails about our week and definitely expect your child to learn from their friends in the classroom. We have seen dramatic changes—in their speech, attention span, and even their interests—when they have transitioned up from Little Lambs.
We are learning and growing every day here at MetroKids.
The Leap Frog Team