Little Lambs (infants)

6 weeks-16 months


The Little Lambs classroom is a safe and warm environment where your baby learns and grows every day. MetroKids teachers help even the youngest babies reach for their next milestone through a variety of activities. Your child will have opportunities for gross motor development, fine motor skills, cognitive development, and language expansion (including sign language). There is always interaction between teachers and your child—talking, singing, and funny faces. Your baby learns about his or her world through the senses—smelling, tasting, touching, hearing, and seeing. Your baby will reach and stretch…play games…sing…hear stories…and much more.

As your baby approaches six months, activities can include finger paint, crayons, music, reading, and visual aids to increase gross and fine motor skills along with cognitive and emotional development.

All infants will have fun in small group time as the teacher uses songs with actions, rhymes, and stories to teach a topic or theme. Little Lambs are ready to transition to the Leap Frogs (toddlers) by 16 months. By this time, your child has gained comfort and experience in sitting at a table and chair for meals and using utensils. At every stage, teachers engage the children in age-appropriate social skills.

Each month, your teacher and staff develop a lesson plan in order to create intentional plans to help your grow your baby in many areas: personal and social skills, gross motor development, fine motor skills, cognitive development, and oral language and sign language. Here’s a sample of a plan:

Dear Little Lambs families,
In the Little Lambs room we love, nurture, care for, and keep babies safe. Each child has a primary caregiver who provides care for up to four infants. This allows your child to bond and build trust with his or her caregiver. The primary goal of the infant room is to support and prepare each child for his/her next milestone.
We use the Creative Curriculum Module and it exposes each child to tools and learning that will assist them in developing their fine motor, gross, cognitive, social/emotional and language skills. We have an assessment tool that helps us document your child’s developmental benchmarks to their chronological age. Parent/teacher conferences are held twice a year. Any time you have a concern, please feel free to schedule a meeting with one of the teachers.
The Little Lamb teachers have consistent daily schedules for diaper changing, eating, and naptime while allowing the babies to indicate their needs.
Age-appropriate lesson plans help us focus on different areas of growth, including gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, and emotional development. Music, reading, visual aids (pictures) and sign-language,are also taught.
The Little Lambs Team