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January 5, 2018


The Happiest Babies aren’t shushed, swung or scheduled

Originally Published by Janet Lansbury on January 03, 2013

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There are many routes to successful parenting. Here’s how one mom found hers:

Janet – first let me thank you for all that you do. I always envisioned the kind of connection I wanted to have with my baby, and your posts have helped make that dream a reality. In the spirit of new beginnings for the new year, I would love to share my joy:

I used to think my 4-month-old son was high maintenance. But I was the high maintenance one.  I love him beyond measure, but he cried all the time. He was rarely happy. I felt like a failure and I could feel our relationship strained. I felt everything I read or heard about living with babies was wrong — all the swinging, rocking, wearing, slinging, shushing, swaddling, pacifying. The most chaotic experiment was scheduling, baby whisperer style: making him nap, making him eat, making him play. Honestly, I would cry all day too if someone dictated how I spent every minute of my life!

Somehow, I came across your page, and a ripple of “AHA” moments cascaded over me. It has taken about one week but I am blown away by the difference Magda Gerber’s RIE philosophy has made in my life and my baby’s. My favorite thing about RIE is that it shows you how to coexist with your child, to live peacefully with this new person who has his own emotions, wants and needs.

I now recognize my son’s flow and respect it. He has shown me who he is as an individual, and I delight in his presence. Our days are now filled with peace. He sleeps when he’s tired, eats when he’s hungry, explores when curious, daydreams when relaxing, cries only when he feels the need. In general, he is laid back and content. It’s a beautiful thing to behold. I am now looking forward to a wonderful year getting to know this amazing person! Thank you and Happy New Year!

When I asked Stacey if I could share her story she responded:

By all means post away! I hope other parents will want to share their celebrations as well. I think it’s a shame that we live in a society where we can’t express when we feel authentically pleased with our work as parents — not bragging out of insecurity but just genuinely satisfied. RIE has helped me to see that I’m a great mom and at the same time remain humble. To have balance is an amazing gift. The challenges of parenting will always be there. We should take time out to celebrate the good stuff before we dive back into the thick of it all. It is a messy and invigorating business.

To learn more about RIE (Magda Gerber‘s life-changing child care approach), I recommend her books: Dear Parent: Caring for Infants With Respect and Your Self-Confident Baby… and also my book: Elevating Child Care: A Guide to Respectful Parenting


This Week at a Glance

Happy New Year!

MetroKids Closed

Ms. Rosa

Parent Handbook Highlight

Holiday Office hours 

Happy Birthday


Activity Calendar

And last, but not least . . .!



Happy New Year!

I can’t thank you enough for sharing your children with MetroKids. We are looking forward to another year of loving, laughing, teaching, praying and caring with and for your most precious gift.



MetroKids Closed

A reminder that MetroKids will be closed on Monday, January 15, 2018 in honor of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday.



Super Bowl Road Closures

Attached to this email is a brochure created by the Super Bowl Committee. This brochure contains maps and information on road closures, dates and recommended routes. The roads right around First Covenant will remain open until 6:00 pm on Friday February 2nd (please note that MetroKids will be closing at 2:00 pm on this day, February 2, 2018).


Ms. Rosa

We are thankful to welcome Ms. Rosa back to MetroKids. Rosa will be back working as an assistant teacher in Little Lambs with Emily and Jazmine. It is nice to have that dynamic team back together!


Parent Handbook Highlight

 Drop Off and Pick Up

 Parents are required to bring their child into MetroKids and check in with their teacher to make sure they are aware their child has arrived.  Parents must sign their child in on the sign in/out sheet by writing the time and their signature as indicated.  At the time of pick up, parents must get their child(ren) from their teacher and sign them out on the sign in/out sheet by writing the time and their signature as indicated.  Please make sure that the teacher is aware the child is leaving.  Also, pick up all of the necessary papers and work along with your child(ren)’s belongings.

If someone other than the custodial parent(s)/guardian(s) will be picking up their child, parents/guardians are required to let MetroKids know in writing, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  I.D.s will be checked.  Even if a person is listed as an alternate person to pick up, we must receive a call or e-mail stating the full name of the alternative pick up.  We will not release your child to anyone except a custodial parent/guardian without prior notice.Please remind your child(ren) not to run out in the parking lot.  This can be a very dangerous time with cars coming and going.  We strongly encourage that adults hold children’s hands when walking through the parking lot.



Happy Birthday

January 8-Happy 3rd Birthday, Erik!

January 12-Happy 3rd Birthday Parini!



Please join me in welcoming the following babies to Little Lambs:

  • Porter Knier and his parents Alexandra Starr and Steve Knier
  • William Hogen and his parents Lauren Levandoski and David Hogen
  • Drew Wass, little brother of Erik and son of Kallie and David
  • Gus Mercurio, little brother of Oscar and son of Danielle and Rachel

Mariam (Suledad) Dakowa will be joining the Busy Bears. We welcome Suledad and her mother Fatumata Paul

We welcome all of you to the MetroKids family and look forward to getting to know you!



MetroKids Activity Calendar

Little Lambs – Theme – Winter

Leap Frogs – Theme – Sneezy the Snowman

Busy Bears – Theme – Around the World in 31 Days

Rockin’ Robins –Theme – Winter Sports


And last, but not least . . .!

Mr. Terry was talking with one of the younger preschoolers who had been pushing one of the other children. Josiah observed this and said to Mr. Terry, “Don’t worry, she’s still learning”.