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October 20, 2017


30 Little Things That Mean a lot to Kids

While these gestures may seem trivial to adults, they go a long way with your little ones. Here are a few easy tricks to make your child smile.

By Margery D. Rosen from Parents Magazine

  1. Wear that macaroni necklace to work. Well, at least until you’re safely out the door.
  2. Tape a family mantra or slogan (Unstoppable! We can, we will! We’ve got this!) to your refrigerator door and invoke it whenever your child feels discouraged.
  3. Go for a walk with just one child.
  4. Slip a note (and an occasional piece of chocolate) into her lunch box.
  5. Build your own Minecraft world alongside his.
  6. Say “yes” to something usually off-limits, like sitting on the counter.
  7. Show as much enthusiasm on amusement-park ridesas they do.
  8. If you quarrel in front of your child, make sure that he also sees you make up.
  9. When her room looks like a tsunami swept through it, close the door and get on with your day.
  10. Skype or do FaceTime with Grandmaevery now and then.
  11. If your child has given it a good try, but he’s still miserable and anxious and really, truly wants to quit the team, give him your blessing.
  12. Go ahead: Let your 4-year-old stomp in every puddle along the way. Even without rain boots.
  13. Get out the glitter glue and make a birthday card for your child.
  14. Take in a pet that needs a home—and a child’s love.
  15. Give your toddler a chance to fight his own battles in the sandbox or on the playground before you intervene.
  16. Hold off with the barrage of how-was-your-day questions if your child comes home from school grumpy and tired. You can always get the rundown at the dinner table.
  17. Cultivate your own rituals and traditions: Taco Tuesdays, Sunday-afternoon bike ride, apple picking every fall.
  18. Ask your kid to teach you how to do something for a change. And once you get the hang of it, be sure to tell him what a good teacher he is.
  19. Let your child wear her dress-up clothesto the supermarket. All month if she wants to.
  20. Let your child overhear you saying something wonderful about her.
  21. Stay up late to see the full moon. There’s one on October 27.
  22. Print their childhood photos so they have something physical to look at one day.
  23. Don’t be in a hurry to tell your kid to let it go. He needs to vent too.
  24. Cook heart-shaped pancakesfor breakfast.
  25. Crank up the music in the middle of homework and have a dance party.
  26. Make a secret family handshake.
  27. Hang a whiteboard in her room to leave messages for each other.
  28. Start a pillow fight.
  29. Share your old diaries, photos, and letters from when you were her age.
  30. Thank your child when he does a choreon his own—even if it’s just hanging up a wet towel without prompting or refilling the empty water pitcher.


This Week at a Glance

Preschool Field Trips

Mark Your Calendars

Parent Handbook Highlight

Happy Birthday

Activity Calendar

And last, but not least . . .!




Rockin Robins and Busy Bears to visit local Fires Station and Pinehaven Orchard

On Monday, October 23rd the Preschool classrooms will visit Fire station #1. This station is only a few blocks from here and the children will walk, leaving here at 9:15 and returning by 11:15.

On Tuesday, October 24th, the preschool classrooms will travel by school bus to Pinehaven Orchard. Leaving MK at 9:15 am and returning at 2:00 pm.

Please have your child here and ready to go by 9:00 these two days. The forecast does not look as pleasant next week as it was this week, your child should be dressed for the weather and ready to have a great time.




Mark Your Calendars

Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for November 28 and 30.  Watch for more information including sign-up.




Parent Handbook Highlights

Parent/Teacher Conferences


Regular parent/teacher conferences are scheduled every six months in the winter and in the fall.  Parents may request a formal conference at any time. Parent Teacher Conferences offer an opportunity for you and your child’s teacher to have a one-on-one conversation about your child. Conferences also provide an opportunity for you to share with your child’s teacher about family structure; your preferred child-rearing practices; and information families wish to share about their socioeconomic, linguistic, racial, religious and cultural backgrounds. If needed, every effort will be made to provide a translator to interpret communication.

The teachers work hard to provide samples of your child’s work and written documentation of their daily classroom observations. The work samples and observations are used to complete the Creative Learning Assessment Portfolio and the child’s individual portfolio. For confidential reasons, these portfolios are kept in cabinets and cupboards in the child’s classroom and passed on to teachers as the child transitions to future classrooms. The portfolios and the assessment tools are used to complete the MetroKids Child Progress and Planning Report. This report is used during parent teacher conferences as the parents and the teachers discuss progress and set goals.  When conferences are completed, a copy of the child’s Progress Report is kept in the child’s enrollment folder in a locked file cabinet in the MetroKids office. Parents are urged to consult with the teacher anytime regarding their child at the Center.  The Director will make every attempt to be available to the parents whenever requested.




Happy Birthday

October 20 – Happy 5th Birthday Ethan!

October 21 – Happy 5th Birthday Hale!




MetroKids Activity Calendar

Little Lambs – Theme – Autumn and Colors

Leap Frogs – Theme – Apples and Pumpkins

Busy Bears – Theme – Out of this World

October 23 – Fire Station #1 – 9:30-11:30 (walking)

October 24 – Pinehaven Farm – 9:15-2:00 (School Bus Rental)

Rockin’ Robins –Theme – Community Helpers-Health Care Workers

         October 23 – Fire Station #1 – 9:30-11:30 (Walking)

October 24 – Pinehaven Farm – 9:15-2:00 (School Bus Rental)



And last, but not least . . .!

Yesterday while the Rockin’ Robins were getting ready to go outside, Clara had a tough time getting her top button on her jacket buttoned. Noticing this, Josiah looked at her and began helping her out, Clara was so patient as she was receiving Josiah’s assistance. Josiah succeeded and smiled, Clara smiled back and thanked Josiah.